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connection of design, style, innovations and ecology

  • Create an unique design

  • Formation of eco space

  • Qualitative improvement of the micro climate

  • Individual style and unique design- solutions

  • A competitive advantage

  • Increase of qualitative and quantitative indicators of employees

  • Increasing productivity

  • Reductions in stress

  • Attract and retain customers

  • Well- designed and organized space - is a profitable investment in the creation of its own local economy

  • Increase the profitability and quality growth business indicators



Today, thanks to innovative technologies , the nature of vertical vegetation close the natural system , that you can create artificially. This idea led to one of the most popular inventions in the field of design and architecture: the vertical gardens or Green Plant Walls. Vertical gardening is to create an unique indoors atmosphere. Plants fit harmoniously into the interior, creating a feeling of close contact with nature.

In addition to improving environmental background , purification of air and moisture, phyto wall has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person in the room the whole day. Thanks to this invention can be vegetated virtually any shape, " revive " the walls of buildings of modern cities , to form living spaces and public areas , creating a unique design.



Do not forget about such an important concept in today's business sector as the economy infrastructure, an example of the benefits of literacy organized space can be called distinguishes you from the competition, the ergonomics of the space has a positive impact on the psycho-emotional state employees, which leads to a reduction in stress, and as a result, improve qualitative and quantitative indicators. Outer space organization has a positive impact on consumers, customers, showing a point of contact, causing positive emotions, and, as a consequence of loyalty and disposition, the desire to stay and spend more time just at the office of your company, in a mall or urban open space. With ergonomic design architecture forms can create harmony infrastructure that will bring you the desired traffic.


This approach has long proved to be effective and widely used in the design space. Health and beauty centers, fitness clubs, SPA and beauty salons, shopping and entertainment venues, shopping malls, public areas of airports, railway stations, waiting areas - a small list of macro infrastructure that creates a micro climate.


Sports clubs, fitness centers were actively used in the design of active zones of vertical gardening because the oxygen consumption increases during the exercises. Greens Phyto walls makes clearer the air space from excessive volatile organics, toxins, dust and allow customers to breathe clean air, instead of exhaust air conditioners.


The walls of the plants closer to natural conditions, to the harmony between human being and the environment. Blend into space phyto walls can emphasize or hide design elements, framing bay windows and doorways, divide the room into zones in public buildings and areas.

It is important that Green Walls durable: the wall is equipped with a built-in silent drip irrigation system, lighting and special textile fibers and protect the walls from moisture.



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