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 connection of design, style, innovations and ecology 

GREENERY DESIGN - is an eco laboratory, which combines the latest trends in eco- design, innovation and development in the field of bionics, bio and architectonics. We work with the world's leading eco designers and architects. We follow the principles of EMAP and "green" standards. We are not interested in ordinary and boring design forms . We believe that modern society and the environment is a single unit and therefore it is necessary to apply to nature, which gives us inspiration and beauty, and we are happy to share this knowledge and experience!    



Eco direction, which the company GreeneryDesign follows became more popular element in architecture, design, construction. In addition to the high aesthetic properties,the use of ecological purity of plants in building is practical.


We adhere to the principle of ergonomics and ecology in the formation of any space  whether private apartments, country hourses or offices and public spaces. Clever design and functionality of the space, ergonomics furniture, fully developed infrastructure - the key to a comfortable and enjoyable stay, work or entertainment.


The result is a design project must meet the functional purpose and requirements of the internal system, which is formed as a conglomerate of many components, one of these components is a human being - this is the main key element.



Greening roofs, growing gardens on the roofs, reconstruction of a free and unfished areas under functional recreation - it's not just a new trend for Russia, it is an eco trend, due to "green" standards.


This style of integration of architecture, design, technology and care about the environment - is an important and significant trends today. The interest in this kind of projects is gaining momentun in Russia. And our capital is no exception, especially given the hostile environment of the metropolis. Due to the huge growth in the urban jungle, we are faced with the problem of the lack of green spaces and recreational facilities.


Our company cares of the environment and we are happy to provide advice on the organization of a green roof on your site and develop an unique design project of roof landscaping.



Living walls are actively used in interior design. Upon customer request a vertical garden can be a logo, a flourishing carpet or, conversely, minimalist vertical composition. Any shape and dimention that allows variation of plant composition, high decorative, aesthetics, simplicity and environmental friendliness - it is an unique opportunity that gives vertical gardening.


Our company provides services for the design and arrangement of vertical greening of homes, offices, shopping malls, public spaces. We will help you create a unique look and unique atmosphere of the space. We will give recommendations on the choice of plants, depending on the infrastructure so that future vertical green wall harmoniously blended into the interior and creates a feeling of close contact with nature, because it is a real living carpet with its own unique ecosystem.

In addition to improving environmental background, purification of air and moisture, phyto wall and has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person in the room the whole day. Which is an important factor in a metropolis.



We believe that beauty, functionality, ergonomics should be accessible to everyone, real design includes these concepts. Not necessarily spend a lot of money for arranging the space, enough to think well about the design project and organize the space.


After all, the correct ergonomic space gives comfort and brings clarity. We know how to organize your workspace, kitchen and bedroom in one room so that the whole there was a place and you feel comfortable while using all the features and functions of each piece of furniture, which should be useful!

Please contact us for advice and we'll show you how to adjust the space for themselves, how to correctly organize the workplace and recreation area in the same area, find the place for landscaping and make lighting accents, how most efficiently arrange the furniture and what it should be!

We are engaged in social design and we give all the beauty, to equip a small apartment and create an unique design with minimal investment - possible to do! To live ergonomic and environmentally friendly - is necessity!

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