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 join us and create your own eco space


  • Space-planning and interior design (private apartments, country houses, offices, public spaces)

  • Interior design of small-scale apartments

  • Greening of apartments, offices, houses, shopping centers and public areas

  • Landscape design

  • Vertical gardening

  • General improvement and landscaping. Green roofs.

  • Decorative works with stabilized moss (vertical walls of moss, moss lettering, logos of moss)

  • Decorative elements for interior (designer lamps, furniture, flower pots) 

Greenerry Design company was created to share our knowledge of space that surrounds us, to show and explain how we can use and integrate new eco technologies that are based on the principles of ergonomics and ecology in modern design and our everyday lives and how does it influence us.

We believe that caring for the environment is part of our life including professional. Even in urban invironments we can afford to surround ourself with ergonomically created things , whether it be home interiors, office or urban environment, which are designed to serve the development of the individual, the space or business.


We offer a complete solution for your business, from marketing research within the company to the extent of involvement, loyalty of your employees and analysts ergonomics premises with the subsequent introduction of the results obtained in the development of design projects, eco architecture, macro and micro infrastructure on the principle of "Livable space", based on the principles of bionics, architectonics, ecology and ergonomics.


If you are not ready for a fundamental transformation, but would like to take the first step, we will advise and analyze the space and give advice how to improve the functionality of the infrastructure, whether it is urban, residential, private or public spaces.

What stage of a comprehensive solution proposed by us to improve the infrastructure or design you implement the design , of course, will depend on you , but we suggest to take the first step towards improvement and creation of comfortable space towards the creation of its own economy , successful and thriving business.

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