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integration of design, style, innovations and ecology


Stabilized moss is a natural material extending a special treatment process during which the natural moisture of plants replaced in an environmentally sound solution based on glycerol and acquires fine quality, with stable moss has an unique strength and elasticity and seemingly no different from natural. Because of this moss retains the natural look, texture and shape for years to come, service life, depending on operating conditions, up to 8 years.


Due to its decorative qualities and natural forms stable moss is widely used in the field of design and decorative arts. Stabilized moss has undeniable advantages: it is easy to install and does not require a professional approach. Walls or decorative panels of stabilized moss does not require irrigation and expensive service, are not sensitive to the amount of light, which is important for commercial areas, restaurants and business centers, especially in low light conditions, there is no risk of fungal diseases or spread of insects.


Broad color palette allows you to use the natural beauty and preserve naturalness , reaching a high decorative effect .

Цe carry out the installation of decorative panels stably Finnish moss any sizes.


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