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integration of design, style, innovations and ecology


Xavier Coenen is a design company who focuses on designing, prototyping and production of playable, functional, sustainable and aesthetic objects. XC believes that majority of people like to play and gives them the opportunity to do so by coupling functionality, sustainability and aesthetics to game-play aspects. 

MoModuls configuration can be changed in a matter of seconds whenever you need a new piece of furniture.

Aesthetics MoModul hidden in the finish and detail. Such furniture is a great alternative to the cabinets and shelves , very versatile , does not require a complex assembly , easily portable and transformable . You can create your own composition , based on the parameters of space , there is no fixed and clear plan to create a composition. This furniture , which can be used in the kitchen or the bedroom , living room or hallway areas . Ideal for small apartments , studios, can stand on its own , dividing the interior into zones or supplement or continue the wall.

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