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The LayBag can be used on almost any imaginable surface such as grass, sand, concrete and even snow and water. This makes the LayBag your only choice for festivals, parks, on the beach and other places when it comes to relaxation. In addition, its durability makes it even possible to place the LayBag on uneven grounds such as in the mountains, in the jungle or other uncomfortable places.

Just let air go in the LayBag by opening the two openings one after the other and moving it through the air. Then roll the end up, fold it together and connect the clasps!

Due to the airtight inner layer and a specially designed and improved closing mechanism, a fully blown LayBag will stay inflated long enough to sleep on it overnight.

The outside is made of a special superstrong, lightweight, high quality nylon ripstop exclusively produced to resist the external influences and with the focus on durability and environmental sustainability.

The LayBag only weighs 2.6lbs (1,2kg) and has a dimension of 7*14 inch (17*37 cm) when being folded into the carrying bag. The LayBag when fully pressurized has a spread of about 83*39 inch (210cm*100cm).

Even we tried sitting on one LayBag with 5 people and it worked perfectly fine (for the LayBag at least), we recommend to not put more weight on the LayBag than 2 or 3 people, depending on their weight (approx. 440lbs or 200kg).

The LayBag is waterproof and the material quickly dries. Due to its volume of 700 liters of air when fully filled, it swims on water, however it is not a floating device.

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