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 connection of design, style, innovations and ecology 

озеленение и дизайн
  • Creating an unique design

  • The formation of eco space

  • Qualitative improvement of the micro climate

озеленение и дизайн
  • Individual style and unique design solutions

  • Competitive advantage

  • Increase profitability and qualitative growth of business performance

озеленение и дизайн
  • Increasing productivity

  • Reductions in stress

  • Attract and retain customers

  • Well- designed and organized space - is a profitable investment in the creation of its own local economy


     Eco style, which the company GreeneryDesign follows became more popular element in architecture, design, construction. In addition to the high aesthetic properties,the use of ecological purity of plants in building is practical.

We adhere to the principle of ergonomics and ecology in the formation of any space  whether private apartments, country hourses or offices and public spaces. Clever design and functionality of the space, ergonomics furniture, fully developed infrastructure - the key to a comfortable and enjoyable stay, work or entertainment.

    The result is a design project must meet the functional purpose and requirements of the internal system, which is formed as a conglomerate of many components, one of these components is a human being - this is the main key element. Man is a holistic eco-system, which is the main point in design solution. If it s an apartment or private house - the main link is the family and each individual member of the family. If it is an office - it is necessary to focus on the employees of the departments to create an ergonomic and functional work area. If it is shopping centers, public places, it is necessary to focus on the many indicators, including humans as potential consumers.

       That is the basic principle of methodology is the princple of the design space "space for people", when the invironmental design is formed in accordance with the needs and with the active participation of the inhabitants of the space, while the efficiency of the space is increased and the result is directly correlated with the growth of the business indicators. Of course, creating a successful environment for life or business requires a rethinking of business vision and attitude towards him , a successful company can not be successful without the investment in human capital and work to increase customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. This is achieved not only by the introduction of instruments of internal marketing, there is a lot of work to create an environment "habitat" where the company operates the principle of "People for People", and not only in the external environment through selling services, and through building relationships and detuning of all chains: caring for people - creating ergonomically thoughtful ecological space - attractive space for employees and customers - creating its own local economy - growth and development - a successful business - happy and satisfied employees, customers, consumers of services of the company.

      GreeneryDesign Company is responsible approach to the organization infrastructure, design engineering, creating an enabling environment conducive to human development and business. We will be happy to answer any questions, advise you on the issue of creating a "green" business and participate in the implementation of the formation of a functional, ergonomic and environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing space.
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