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 greening roofs, provision of urban amenities, landscaping, reshaping of non-domestic buildings



Landscaping and beautification of the roofs helps to solve many problems not onlydecorative character, but functional and environmental:


  • Reduction of thermal effect, reducing the impact of smog and heat

  • Energy efficiency. Green roofs cools the quarters in summer and serves as an excellent thermal insulation in the winter

  • Noise prevention. Soil stratum absorbs low frequencies

  • Creation of additional usable space

  • Aesthetics symbiosis of professional design and nature

  • Hides technical defects

  • Air filtration of toxins and reducing air emissions of carbon dioxide

  • Reducing the needs for artificial climate control system

  • Reducing the cost of cooling the buildings at 15-19 % due to the natural evaporation of moisture ( during the summer a large concentration of green roofs can significantly reduce the average temperature of the whole city )

  • Reducing the amount of water that reaches the earth as rain , snow melt

  • Green roofs have become a habitat for urban fauna

  • Green roofs contributes to a significant reduction in air pollution and enriching it with oxygen, which in turn increases the comfort of living in the city and reduce the number of diseases, especially asthma

  • Clears rainwater including from heavy metals

  • Financial benefit. Protected from the weather and climate impacts green roofs serve several times longer than usual ones

  • Financial benefit. Green roofs increase property values

We offer comprehensive solutions for the development of unexploited roofs for the possibility of creating more usable space, whether it is functional zoning under the recreation area, garden design or a more complex design for summer patios, cafes, play areas, meet the most demanding aesthetic, environmental and functional requirements.

We are pleased to advise on the possible design of the roof landscaping, design, transformation and arrangement of unused roof space. We work with reliable partners such as Engineering studios, famous architectural and design studios, landscape companies, companies that are able to provide post service for the care of plants. Order advice you can send us a request using the feedback form or by calling the phone numbers listed in the contacts.


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